The Conscious Body Healing Arts Center was born out of a deep desire to inspire all humans to begin the age old journey toward inner peace and the remembrance of who we really are… Divine Beings having a physical experience. We share our love of yoga, bodywork, mindfulness, connection, self-reflection, and communion with Mother Earth in hopes of reuniting ourselves and others with our truest self… the one rooted in Love.  


We are all connected. When one suffers we all suffer. May the love and light in our individual hearts be victorious so that our collective heart can grow and our global consciousness can expand. May we remember the Earth and that we belong to her and she to us. May we do our inner work to cultivate peace. May we never give up on peace on earth.

Never. Give. Up



The CBHA center is a brave and compassionate space for all people to connect and grow. 

Our caring community is supportive, welcoming and up lifting.  


We have empathy and a deep desire for all humans to be happy and free. 


We act with heart, warmly embracing our vulnerability and support others to do the same.  


We each have our own unique dharma - lessons to learn and gifts to give. We respect and honor each other on the path.


We are not here to seek perfection, to change or fix anything. We are here, rather, to drop the search and soften into the truth of this moment so that we may remember the bliss that we already are.

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